About Me

me1My name is Francesco Pochetti and I’m passionate about Machine Learning, Python and whatever involves playing with Data.

I am currently working as a Business Analyst in Kindle Content for Amazon (Luxembourg) where I have fun with reporting, analytics and predictive models regarding eBooks demand. Before becoming an Amazonian I attended a  bootcamp in Data Analysis and Machine Learning in Berlin (Data Science Retreat)  where I had the possibility to enhance my analytical and programming  skills in the wonderful world of data science.

Before landing in Berlin, in the previous two years, I worked as Solid Rocket Propellant Specialist at Avio S.p.A, an aerospace and defense Italian company based near Rome, where I took care of the formulation and optimization of the fuel inside rockets for both aerospace and military purposes.

I studied Physical-Chemistry in Rome and I’ve always been attracted by Natural Sciences and Computer Science. In my spare time I love reading, deep dive into new cutting edge technologies and of course having a good beer with friends!

“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.” A.Einstein