About Me

me1My name is Francesco and I am a Data Science and Machine Learning enthusiast! I like coding and “Kaggl-ing” around, having fun as much as possible with some cool predictive analytics. When I am not contemplating a Jupyter Notebook you may find me jogging (training for a half marathon), cooking or rather eating some good Belgian chocolate and finding inspiration in a strong Belgian beer.

I am currently a Data Scientist in Amazon Kindle Content, where I enjoy my time building models to help the eBook business grow. Before becoming an Amazonian I worked as Solid Rocket Propellant Specialist at Avio where I took care of the formulation and optimization of rockets’ fuel.

I studied Chemistry in Rome but it didn’t tale me long to realize that, despite being totally fascinated by natural sciences, that was not my real passion 🙂

“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.” A.Einstein