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Airbnb & Machine Learning: Where will a new guest book their first travel experience?

airb2“Instead of waking to overlooked “Do not disturb” signs, Airbnb travelers find themselves rising with the birds in a whimsical treehouse, having their morning coffee on the deck of a houseboat, or cooking a shared regional breakfast with their hosts.

New users on Airbnb can book a place to stay in 34,000+ cities across 190+ countries. By accurately predicting where a new user will book their first travel experience, Airbnb can share more personalized content with their community, decrease the average time to first booking, and better forecast demand.

In this recruiting competition, Airbnb challenges you to predict in which country a new user will make his or her first booking.”

Check out this ipython notebook with the solution Gabriele Lanaro and me put together using python! Have fun with the gorgeous pandas, scikit-learn and numpy libraries!

by Francesco Pochetti